Many people think of branding as simply a company’s logo and maybe a catchy tagline, but it is much more than that. When marketing is executed seriously and thoroughly, it is a reflection of a company’s core spirit and personality. Branding can serve as a through line for all of a company’s communication efforts.

Your brand builds a level of trust between your company and prospective customers. It is usually the first impression of your company and its products, and consistent branding reinforces your credibility and reputation. It can also preview your company’s personality and values, giving them a better idea what to expect from you.

Branding also empowers growth. Consistent look and messaging becomes exponentially more important as an organization grows. Branding can help new hires understand your core traits, and reflect those values to new customers. The closer your branding is to the true strengths and important goals of your company, the greater the effect it will have as the organization expands.

It also provides consistency across media in your advertising, and helps guide content online. Your brand is your voice, and the more readily it is recognized by your audience, the greater the connection they will feel. This is another reason that your voice truly reflects the company (and vice-versa), as insincerity is quickly noticed and objected to by your audience.

Branding can even build financial value. Strong branding makes a company look reputable and reliable. Consistency builds faith in both customers and investors, and increase the perceived value of a company, and helps position you for growth.

Finally, memorable branding can draw new customers. It can help with customer recognition, and fuel word-of-mouth promotion. It can position your company as a leader in their niche, and someone to pay attention to.

To unleash the power of your branding, you need commitment, and a partner who understands how to maximize your message.