Software engines and ‘AI’ assistants are everywhere these days, promising to splash even the smallest business across the internet and beyond. But are you really doing yourself any favors, plugging your business into someone else’s formula?

Good branding comes out of an organization’s own traits, and reflects its values, its goals, and personality. Moreso, it is informed by your customers, and their experience and expectations around you and your products.

This is the real work of branding. To take a critical look at a company, find its uniqueness and competitive strengths, and craft an identify to show it off to the world. It is more than just a slick logo or a catchy tagline, it is the window through which prospective customers view your business.

Branding builds trust, and shows your customers that you are serious and committed to the details. It creates synergy throughout your promotional efforts, each reflecting the same core message and working toward the same goals.

Branding cannot create sold business values, but it does reinforce them. It serves as a constant reminder of the personality and mission of your company. From your own employees to the person you’ve just handed your business card to, your branding is a touchstone.

You shouldn’t shoehorn your company into some pre-formatted image, or grab onto the latest visual trend or marketing buzzwords. You need a partner who is prepared to do the hard work of building your brand from the inside out.